Canada Rain

by Nitro Pulse

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Nitro pulse's debut album 'CANADA RAIN' is a groovy surrealistic adventure based
off a dream revolving around christian himself moving to muskoka , canada in the summer of 2019 to meet a scientist named adam who ends up becoming a mystifying beast who also ends up befriending christian . the melodys , lyrics
and chords throughout each and everysong are meant to achieve a poetic and iconic sound to signature the albums vibes .
the album features an assortment of instrumentals that somehow corrolate to the story of the album
but breaks away for a moment with the collaborative track "camp nowhere"
featuring rapper prince tito to just chill out and jam for a bit .
id love to give many thanks to the friends and family members who supported me throughout the long process
of recording and creating this album .

'CAMP NOWHERE' (FEATURING PRINCE TITO) contains elements of the amen break (1972) , arthur pryors band - grifole grifola (early 1930s) ,
and the the small faces - nut gone flake (1968)
. lyrics written by tony lopez

'ARE YOU HAVING FUN' contains elements of the zabriskie point intro scene (1970)

'MIND, ISOLATION' contains elements of Salt - hung up (1972)

'BLURLIST' contains elements of the amen break - amen brother (1972)

'SICK ON YOUR BIRTHDAY' contains elements of THE MAGIC ROLLING WHEELS - original soundtrack (1976)

Recorded September 2016 - June 2017 , Naugatuck Connecticut
(Copyright 2017, Christian Lopez)
(Copyright 2017, wolfman odyssey records)


released June 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Nitro Pulse Naugatuck, Connecticut

Nitro pulse is a independent funk and hiphop project created by Christian Lopez

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Track Name: Are you having fun?
i gatta go home where ill waste my time
sleeping on the couch sounds so sublime
they asked at the river if "im havin fun"
i say i gatta go im on the run
Track Name: Kaleidoscope reservoir
know that im gonna be there
finding myself
then i found my pride .

and i guess my life will end
and it will rain in Canada .
Track Name: Repression revolution
something awaits for you
can you feel your fucking mind anymore?
maybe its something youll never get over .
oh , you watch as they die